Networked Writing


This is more or less a challenge to write a story of up to 140 words .Has to make sense, pass an understanding even without giving full details.

*Everyone stood, there he was, PERFECT!!as I walked down the aisle in my white wedding dress, it was only the first date!I snapped back to reality.

*WOW!! she exclaimed “awww thanks” I answered, she looked at me as though confused, OMG sorry you weren’t talking to me! awkward

*I saw myself jumping off the bridge, as they all stared at me.Death where are you now that I need you? harm was done, everyone heard me fart!

I found writing this twitter fiction very interesting. I took inspiration from some of the awkward situations in my life. In 140 words or less I tried hard to convey a scene.i found compressing words together a bit hard as sometimes meanings change in process or even loose it’s meaning in some cases. Overall twitter fiction has thoughts me that meaning can be conveyed in less words than one uses on a normal day to day conversation.



This task was more or less spontaneous.Like the twitter fiction task given earlier this semester,it is simply telling a story in twitter form with characters no more than 140.This task was however carried out in pairs and i can very much say I enjoyed doing it.I paired with James Stretch to come up with the ten tweet tale below



This ten tweet tale wasn’t pre planned. I started off and James brilliantly went with flow.Theme and story line worked out well and gave story an Old English,80’s feel.At the end of this task the genre can be said to be mystery/adventure.Brilliantly executed even though it was spontaneous!

That of-course is only my opinion 🙂.



Out of all the tasks this semester I found this particularly challenging.Its a pairing up task but I had no one to pair up with so I attempted doing it by myself.The method of this was to continue the twitter form of writing only this time it was to be done in a social media context.I did a research online to see what it was that sparks up conversations.I found that the most commented on or argued topic has to do with sexuality,femininity,lifestyle,entertainment and Gender discrimination.From that, I tried to pick out what the interest of my friends are,What they comment on the most,what they argue about and then i narrowed their interest to Sexuality,Gender Discrimination and Lifestyle.I merged their interest together and came up with a topic which picked some [peoples interest as you can see below.

  Screenshot_2015-03-22-23-39-32-1  Screenshot_2015-03-24-17-56-40-1 Screenshot_2015-03-24-17-56-58-1Screenshot_2015-03-24-17-57-03-1

Sorry about the offensive language used there, lol they had no idea they will end up on my blog 😮 😉


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