Am 20yr old, a university student. I study media communications in Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge. Am Nigerian and I only moved to the UK to study.Am passionate about my course and i feel i couldn’t have made a better choice!When people ask me what i see myself doing as a career after my course,the answer is usually” i have no idea”!That is of course not true.There is no career i picture myself but teaching!i love the feeling of been needed,the feeling that you can pass on knowledge,the feeling that someone is looking upto you for what you know!That feeling for me is priceless!

Am quite the character when carrying a conversation on social media, very open and somewhat hilarious. Am however the exact opposite on a face to face basis. I find it hard communicating with people on a social ground, I review whatever am about say 5 times in my head until am satisfied it is the right thing to say and most time “The moment “is passed. More or less considered a weirdo but hey that’s what makes me different! Despite my anti social attitude I still managed to find myself friends worth more than treasure. I guess i’m not that bad after all.



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